Nov 082013
'Les valeurs du Marsupilami' ("The Marsupilami Values"; ill. Follet; (c) the artist; image via

‘Les valeurs du Marsupilami’ (“The Marsupilami Values”) by René Follet. Image from Comic Art Fans.

I love this image. Apparently it is a mockup cover for a proposed art book, but Follet and Dionnet couldn’t get the necessary permission from the copyright holders. Follet is a veteran Belgian comics illustrator, and he has produced a number of great pieces of fanart.

Nov 022013

Spirou and Fantasio (ill. Chaland; (c) Dupuis and the artist; image via Artcurial)

The Paris auction house Artcurial have announced the lots for sale in their next big comics auction, on 16 November. They include first editions and a number of pieces of Spirou art, as well as other works by artists such as Jijé and Franquin (and many non-Spirou greats as well). Continue reading »

Oct 182013

The Animation Workshop, an animation school in Denmark, posted this on Facebook last week. Students in their Graphic Storytelling program were given the exercise to adapt part of Cormac McCarthy’s super-depressing post-apocalyptic novel The Road… in the style of Franquin! The task might have been easier if they could base it on the later style that he used in the morbid Idées noires gags (“Franquin’s Last Laugh“), but no, apparently it had to be 1950s Franquin as seen in Spirou. This was one of the resulting entries:

From 'The Road' (ill. Albert Bruun)

Panel from ‘The Road’, by Cormac McCarthy and Albert Bruun.

Spirou (playing the part of The Boy) is looking unaccountably chipper there! If any of the students who took part in the exercise want to share some more samples, that would be very much appreciated.

Oct 112013

With the second Tome & Janry intégrale having recently been published, it felt like a good occasion for this piece of fanart by Ian Dairin:


‘Une petite récréation’ (“A Small Recreation”; 2008), from Ian Dairin’s blog

The snouffelaire appears in L’horloger de la comète (Spirou #36, “The Comet’s Watchmaker”) and Le réveil du Z (Spirou #37, “The Awakening of the Z”). It’s often been suggested that it was Tome & Janry’s attempt to create a substitute for the Marsupilami that they couldn’t use.

Oct 012013

Journal de Spirou #3938 cover (ill. Yoann, Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis)

The Spirou Tour comes to Nantes for its penultimate stop (with Fantasio starting to look a bit travel-weary, and who can blame him?). That city also happens to be home base for the current Spirou team, so for the occasion, this week’s issue of the Journal features an original three-page story by (and with!) Yoann & Vehlmann. Continue reading »

Sep 262013

Raoul Cauvin (photo via

Today, 26. September, Raoul Cauvin turns 75. Perhaps most famous as the writer of Les tuniques bleues (The Bluecoats), a comic set during the American Civil War that mixes meticulously researched history and comedy (and is available in English from Cinebook), he also wrote three Spirou albums in the early 80s, illustrated by Nic Broca.

Journal de Spirou #3937 cover (ill. JDS, Delaf, Dodier))Lambiek calls Cauvin “the leading scenarist in humorous comics for a large audience,” and even though he’s well past the age many others retire, he remains one of the most active writers in French-Belgian comics, scripting a whole host of series that can be found in the Journal de Spirou almost every week (Les Psy, Les femmes en blanc, Cédric, Pierre Tombal, Agent 212, etc.) In recognition of his long career and his contribution, the magazine has devoted this week’s issue to him, even changing its masthead for the occasion (see left).

This being Spirou Reporter, it must be said that Nic & Cauvin’s run on the series is not generally well regarded, neither for the scripts nor the art, and the team was quickly replaced by Tome & Janry. Cauvin has said he only took the job out of loyalty to Charles Dupuis, and because he was asked to help out during a difficult transition. So in recognition of Cauvin, here’s one of Journal de Spirou’s many cartoon greetings from other comic book artists, in this case by Alain Dodier (Jerôme K. Jerôme Bloche):

Greeting for Cauvin's 75th birthday, from JDS #3739 (ill. Dodier)