Dec 112013

The “Fanart Friday” series of posts features unofficial Spirou art and homages, by amateurs and professionals alike. But there are also illustrations that aren’t by any of the “regular” Spirou artists, but have still been officially commissioned by Dupuis – or more often, by publishers in other countries. So under “It’s Official” we’ll look at some of these pieces: a few of them good, most of them bad. Let’s start off with one that’s somewhere in between:

'I Murænens Gab' – Spirou #9 'Le repaire de la murène' Danish cover (ill. Peter Madsen after Franquin; (c) Interpresse and the artist; scan from Faraos Cigarer)

Cover for ‘I Murænens Gab’ (‘Le repaire de la murène’) by Peter Madsen after Franquin.

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Dec 082013
'La femme léopard' - later retitled 'Le fétiche des Marolles' - cover proposal (ill. Schwartz & Yann; (c) Dupuis and the artists; via

Cover proposal for ‘La femme léopard’, the Schwartz & Yann Spirou one-shot later retitled ‘Le fétiche des Marolles’.
From the Olivier Schwartz fan blog.

This strange and wonderful cover proposal for Schwartz & Yann’s sequel to Le groom vert-de-gris, the Spirou adventure about to start serialization in the Journal de Spirou in one week, presumably isn’t going to be used any more, now that the title has been changed. From the picture (and the old title), it’s easy to suspect that the story is inspired by one of Chaland’s attempts to continue his interrupted Spirou adventure: a version from 1986, sketched in a notebook while he was visiting Congo (then Zaïre), revolves around a group of female aniotos (members of a secret Leopard Society who killed while disguised as leopards). Only a few pages from this notebook have ever been published, but Yann would almost certainly have read it, since he worked with Chaland on several other drafts of the sequel.

From Chaland's sketchbook, in 'Yves Chaland: L'enfance de l'oeil' (ill. Chaland; (c) Dupuis, Mosquito and the artist)

Fantasio faces a female aniotos, in a sketched draft by Chaland.

Nov 292013
Seccotine (ill. Thierry Fagot; (c) Dupuis and the artist)

Seccotine by Thierry “LenOar” Fagot. From the Bigoud’up blog.

Part of a series of sketches and character studies created for an abandoned project. The image file name hints that it may have involved Yann. The original blog post has a number of other pictures, including one that looks like it’s either a comic page layout (a proposed one-shot?) or a storyboard for a cartoon (Fagot works as an illustrator and animator).

Nov 242013

From 'The Marsupilami Thieves' teaser, from JdS #728 (ill. Franquin; (c) Dupuis and the artist; SR scanlation)

In 1952, the week before the first installment of Franquin’s Les voleurs du Marsupilami (Spirou #5), the magazine carried this teaser for the upcoming adventure. It was not included in the album when the story was collected, although it is reproduced (with some rather aggressive blur) in the intégrale collected edition.

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