May 242013
Roch'fort en Bulles (ill. Bannister)

Poster by Bannister

Poster for a comics festival in Rochefort. This year’s guest of honor is Spirou (whatever that means); other guests include Tarrin, Feroumont and Bertrand Pissavy-Yvernault (La véritable histoire de Spirou).

The Turbotraction car keys are a nice detail! (I assume the telescope is some sort of local reference. The monument in the background is the Porte de l’Arsenal.)

May 232013

In honor of Fournier, who turned 70 earlier this week, here’s a special scanlation from the Galerie des illustres. Emmanuel Lepage tells the story of how he first met the Spirou artist (shortly before he left the series; Des haricots partout – or “Beans Everywhere!” – would be his last album).

La galerie des illustres p. 229 (ill. Lepage, Dupuis; SR scanlation)This page was first published in the Journal de Spirou issue #3703 (2009).

May 192013

This week’s scanlation is a page by Juanjo Guarnido and Juan Díaz Canales, the creators of Blacksad. Since 2008, the Journal de Spirou has invited different artists to create a page that pays homage to or expresses their own relationship with the magazine and its comics. The results have been enormously varied and unpredictable. A new sample would appear in almost every issue, and finally this year, the ones so far (more than 200) were collected in a coffee-table book as La galerie des illustres. Guarnido and Canales’s entry originally appeared in issue #3872 in 2012.

Spirou, Blacksad and Sorcelleries (ill. Guarnido, Canales, Dupuis; SR scanlation)In addition to the appearances by Spirou and Fantasio from The Adventures of… and Blacksad and Weekly from Blacksad, in the last panel it turns out that Hazel (a baby fairy raised by witches, from Guarnido and Valero’s Sorcelleries) is responsible for the crossover.

May 102013

Today’s fanart is from a 2012 April Fools joke on the Finnish site If Google Translate makes correct sense of it, the story was that the next one-shot would be made by an unknown Finnish duo, Areng & Leaudelaboue:

April Fools fanart (ill. "Areng & Leaudelaboue," apparently Anssi Rauhala)

Supposedly a panel from the upcoming one-shot ‘La Croix de Fer du Ramsès II’ (“The Iron Cross of Ramses II”) by Areng & Leaudelaboue

In reality, it seems, those names are an obscure Finnish pun, and it was really drawn by Anssi Rauhala. (Anyone who can actually read Finnish are more than welcome to correct any misunderstandings or add further detail.)