Aug 022013

Perhaps you don’t think one piece of fanart a week is enough? In that case, you might want to check out InediSpirou’s fandom blog, where Emyla picks a different piece every week (Monday’s apparently). Here’s one of Seccotine (Cellophine in Cinebook’s English translation) from a couple of weeks back:

Seccotine in quick colours (ill. Pantxika Passicot)

By Pantxika Passicot on DeviantArt

Jul 262013

At the Angoulême Spirou Expo, they have a “draw your own Spirou” activity, and some of the entries have been posted to I was particularly impressed by this one, by Clément S., age 8 (really?!).

Spirou and Spip (ill. Clément S., age 8; picture via

Spirou and Spip, by Clément S.

That’s a pretty sophisticated grasp of cartoon sketching for an eight-year old! You should go check out the gallery for more examples (many of the artists are older than 8).