Dec 102013

InediSpirou’s maxibon posted an exclusive: the first three pages of the upcoming Le fétiche des Marolles. Click over there to read the whole thing, but here’s the first page with translation in the caption:

'Le fétiche des Marolles' p. 1 (ill. Schwartz & Yann; (c) Dupuis and the artists; picture from InediSpirou)

“1946. The Nazi stranglehold is no more than a distant memory. Now, it is a relentless heatwave that lies over Brussels, crushing the city beneath its heavy yoke.”

Nov 252013

From Marsupilami #27, 'Coeur d'etoile' in JdS #3945, p.45 (ill. Batem & Colman; (c) Marsu/Dupuis and the artists)

Journal de Spirou #3945 cover (ill. Maltaite; (c) Dupuis and the artist)Since Dupuis acquired Marsu Productions, there’s been a lot of talk about how this means the Marsupilami can once again appear in The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio. What hasn’t been considered so much is that it also works the other way. The issue of Journal de Spirou currently on sale (until tomorrow) includes the last part of the Marsupilami adventure Coeur d’etoile (Marsupilami #27, “Star’s Heart”) by Batem and Colman, and features a cameo by Spirou, Fantasio, Spip, and “their” Marsupilami.

The story also reveals (for the first time, as far as I am aware) that the two Marsupilamis are brothers. Although we should perhaps take this with a grain of salt, since the whole story is told as a campfire tale in the village of a nearby tribe, and it’s not clear at least to me how the (white) storyteller could possibly know this. Still, fun to see the universes being tied together more!

Aug 292013

A few weeks back, Spirou Reporter was contacted by Klaus, who among other things pointed to his blog of architecture-related comics. While many of the jokes perhaps only make sense to people in the field, everyone should be able to appreciate the Franquin-inspired drawings. Sometimes the influence is acknowledged in little winks, as when various familiar characters make cameo appearances…

'A man for four seasons' (ill. Klaus)

‘A Man for Four Seasons’, from Klaustoon

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Jul 142013

Many artists have wanted to make a Spirou one-shot. Dupuis has turned most of them down. One of the more prominent ones to give it a try is Stanislas (Victor Levallois, Les aventures d’Hergé), who has made two attempts with different collaborators. A page from each pitch has been leaked, presented here… Continue reading »

Jun 112013

Spirou 39 EN (ill. Cinebook, Tome & Janry)

I recently came across a discussion from last year on the blog The Hooded Utilitarian. It’s from a series of articles called The Anniversary of Hate, where different writers discuss “the worst comic ever.” The title of this particular entry, by Alex Buchet, speaks for itself: Spirou and Fantasio: Racism for Kids. Continue reading »

Apr 222013

In celebration of the anniversary of Journal de Spirou, as well as Spirou himself, here’s the opening of one of the all-time funniest Spirou adventures, Franquin’s Bravo les Brothers (1965), which takes place at the office of the magazine:

(Personal scanlation. You’d better clap, or the ape gets angry!)