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I grew up reading Spirou in Scandinavian translations. Now I'm learning French and trying to decode the originals.

Apr 252013

Spirou 5 cover (ill. Cinebook, Franquin)

Only a day after listing upcoming Spirou publications, the list is already out of date. Today, Cinebook announced their upcoming releases for the rest of the year, and on the schedule for August we find The Marsupilami Thieves (Les Voleurs du Marsupilami) by Franquin. They even put Spirou on the cover of their catalogue! Cinebook has previously kept to the Tome & Janry era, but as they write, for the occasion of the 75th anniversary:

In order to pay homage to this legendary hero in
English, we chose to publish one of the volumes by
genius author Franquin. This provides a good
opportunity to discover his very peculiar creature,
the Marsupilami, that Spirou and Fantasio have to
rescue from the clutches of thieves and exploiters.

So is this a one-off, or is Cinebook going to release more of the classic Franquin albums? That probably depends on how well this first attempt goes. Let’s hope Cinebook’s readers appreciate it! Continue reading »

Apr 242013

The coming months offer a number of new releases for Spirou fans in many different languages. The French publications are numerous enough to require their own list. Here I’ve tried to compile a list of releases in other languages (excluding Dutch) that is as complete as possible; additions and corrections are more than welcome! Continue reading »

Apr 232013

Still catching up on some older news… In March, Forlaget Zoom (a Danish publisher) announced that they would no longer publish the collected edition of Spirou in Danish. This leaves Danish (and other Scandinavian) readers with only two of the three Fournier volumes available, and to top it off, Zoom didn’t release them in order, so the volume missing is the one in the middle:

Fournier collected in Danish (ill. Zoom, Dupuis, Fournier)

Egmont published the Franquin volumes of the collected edition (translations of the French Intégrale series) across Scandinavia, but did not continue the series beyond that classic run. When Zoom picked up the rights to continue the collected edition, the Danish edition became the only way for Scandinavians to follow the series in a language most can read. (However, all the individual albums have previously been published in all the Scandinavian languages.)

While Zoom published two volumes of the collected edition, and still publishes Gaston, Gastoon, and Le Petit Spirou, the Danish album publication of Spirou is by another publisher, Cobolt. Unfortunately, Cobolt has denied any intention of picking up the book series, arguing that the Danish market is too limited for this kind of publication.

So Scandinavian fans are, at least for the time being, out of luck. On the brighter side, Cobolt has announced a number of other Spirou-related publications for this and next year. But that’s a subject for another post…

Apr 232013

To coincide with the big Spirou anniversary on Sunday, the premier French-language fan site, InediSpirou, relaunched a section of the site that had been down for maintenance a long time.

The InediSpirou Library is a new and improved (?) version of a remarkable archive, with entries for practically any Spirou-related publication ever, and original articles. Probably the most interesting part, however, is a collection of every Spirou story that has not been collected in album or book form (in French), some that were never published at all, and a large number of sketches and illustrations. For the relaunch of the collection, these have been rescanned in higher resolution and better quality. Continue reading »

Apr 222013

In celebration of the anniversary of Journal de Spirou, as well as Spirou himself, here’s the opening of one of the all-time funniest Spirou adventures, Franquin’s Bravo les Brothers (1965), which takes place at the office of the magazine:

(Personal scanlation. You’d better clap, or the ape gets angry!)