Spirou Reporter is a blog with news and commentary related to the comic Spirou. Its aim is to keep international readers updated on what’s going on with the comic (information that has usually only been available in French), and to report on and discuss publications in other languages and the series in general. This includes The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio as well as spin-off series and other series by authors and artists who have worked on Spirou. Basically, anything that would be of interest to a Spirou fan!

Spirou Reporter is an unofficial fan page, and is in no way affiliated with Dupuis Publishing or any other publisher or creator. Comics and artwork are, unless otherwise specified, posted without authorization; this is done simply for the benefit of non-French speaking fans and without any commercial motive. The rights to these works remain with the original rights holders, usually the artists and publisher. The copyright on Spirou is held by Dupuis Publishing.

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