Sep 032017

On 15. August, Marc Hardy celebrated his sixty-fifth birthday by posting 65 samples of his work to Facebook. According to Stripspeciaalzaak, that included this page, although it no longer seems to be available from Facebook:

Page from or study for 'Soumaya' (ill. Marc Hardy & Zidrou; Copyright (c) 2017 by Dupuis and the artists; image from

Clearly a page from (or possibly a study for) his long-in-development one-shout Soumaya, written by Zidrou, it appears to show some kind of dream sequence, with Hardy’s more realistic character style on display. The album is expected in 2018.

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    There was another page with a hostage-taker in an airplane, but it disappeared as well


    Apparently, Hardy was so disappointed with his first draft that he burnt it on a barbecue grill. Hopefully, he feels better about his work now.

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