Sep 012017

Due to personal circumstances, Spirou Reporter has been off for a while. It’s probably still going to be a little while before scanlations resume, but I’ll try to catch up on the various news over the coming weeks. For now, let’s at least return to our other regular feature: Fanart Friday. Achim Reinecke has sent over another great gallery of Spirou commissions, and we’re starting with this:

Spirou and Ric Hochet racing, commission for Achim Reinecke (ill. Simon Van Liemt; Copyright (c) 2016 by the artist; Spirou (c Dupuis; image from Achim Reinecke)

Spirou and Ric Hochet racing (commission for Achim Reinecke), by Simon Van Liemt (2016)

Simon Van Liemt is a French artist who draws Les Nouvelles Enquêtes de Ric Hochet (“Ric Hochet’s New Cases”), a reboot of a classic suspense comic by Tibet. It is written by Zidrou, who also wrote Frank Pé’s Spirou one-shot, La Lumière de Bornéo (“The Light from Borneo”).

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    I have an autograph by Zidrou in a copy of La Lumière de Bornéo… got it at Spiroufest.

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