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Thomas Solivéres and Alex Lutz, to star in the Spirou & Fantasio film (Thomas Solivéres photo from; Alex Lutz photo Copyright (c) Julie Reggiani,

Thomas Solivéres (Spirou) and Alex Lutz (Fantasio)

With the Petit Spirou movie having recently finished shooting, production of a Spirou & Fantasio film is also moving forwards. According to CloneWeb, the two main roles have been cast and a director chosen.

Thomas Solivéres in 'The Grad Job' ('À Toute épreuve', 2014; screen capture from

Thomas Solivéres in ‘The Grad Job’ (2014)

Thomas Solivéres (26) will play Spirou. He is a French comedian who made his film debut in a small part in the international hit The Intouchables (2011). He has since appeared in a number of roles including in Breathe (2014), The Grad Job (À toute épreuve, 2014) and The Student and Mister Henri (2015). He also appears regularly on stage and on television.

Alex Lutz as himself and as "Catherine" (photo from via

Alex Lutz and his alter ego, Catherine

Alex Lutz (38) will take on the role of Fantasio. Lutz is a fairly well-known French actor, comedian and director of film and theater. He is most famous for the current-events-based sketch program La revue de presse de Catherine et Liliane (“News Update with Catherine and Liliane”) on Canal+; originally a feature on the show Le Petit Journal, but now its own program. He plays Catherine (in drag), and also co-writes the show with Bruno Sanchez (who plays Liliane). Apart from that he has appeared in a long list of movies, including OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009) and as the star of Thanks to My Friends (Le Talent de mes amis, 2015), which he also co-wrote and directed.

Alexandre Coffre (photo from

Alexandre Coffre

The director will be Alexandre Coffre. Coffre started out directing commercials, with his first full feature being the comedy Borderline (Une pure affaire, 2011), based on the novel Powder by Matthew Kneale. This was followed by Eyjafjallajökull or The Volcano (2013) and Le père Noël (2014), both of them also comedies. He’s credited as a writer on all his movies to date, so he might also be involved with the Spirou & Fantasio script.

As previously announced, the villain (who might be Zorglub, Zantafio or some other character) will be played by Ramzy Bédia (44). Filming will take place in Morocco, and the story is supposedly going to be a “grand adventure.” No timeframe for the filming or the release has been announced.

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    Possibly Belgian actors aren’t as popular to a French audience…


    The casting sounds pretty interesting. Hope this movie turns out nicely. I’ve recently heard there was a Marsupilami movie that came out a couple years ago and I have yet to check that out. But it looks neat.

    Wonder if they’ve ever thought about making a Spirou animated movie as well…


      I’ve seen the Marsupilami movie… I thought it was okay, at least it stayed more true to the source material than the insane Lucky Luke movie with Jean “The Artist” Dujardin…


    […] the main cast has now been announced; as we knew, it has Thomas Solivérès as Spirou and Alex Lutz as Fantasio, and it turns out that it is Zorglub […]

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