Sep 232016
Spirou et Cie. ("Spirou & Co."; ill. unknown; Copyright (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

Spirou et Cie (“Spirou & Co.”), by unknown artist

I always try to link back to the artist or source for any fanart image posted on Spirou Reporter, but it’s not always so easy. This one has been sitting in a folder on my computer for who knows how long, and seems to have vanished without trace from the Internet during that time. The filename indicates that the title is Spirou et Cie and that it comes from the Mystery Comics blog (where it’s no longer to be found), but that’s all I know. I can’t read the artist’s signature, either (“Roosa”?). Perhaps some of you may know?

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    Robin, maybe? Although I’d need to read the lower half of the signature to come up with something useful…

    The style looks similar to some published stuff I’ve seen, although as a whole, I guess it isn’t polished and professional enough to have come from an established artist…


    What is Spirou eating?


      Nothing. I think it’s just a cautious pose.

      Btw, did you ever get off to the Spirou Festival?… I’m just a reader of this blog, but maybe it would be interesting to see a guest post…

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