Aug 262016

Something not-quite-fanart this Friday:

Flyer advertising the Journal de Spirou, in the album 'Les Trois fantômes de Tesla' (ill. Guilhem Bec; Copyright (c) Dupuis and the artist; image from

Flyer distributed with ‘Les Trois fantômes de Tesla’, illustrated by Guilhem Bec (2016)

Guilhem draws the fantasy comic Zarla for the Journal de Spirou, but his current project is the retrofuturistic adventure Les Trois fantômes de Tesla (“Tesla’s Three Ghosts”), written by Richard Marazano and officially released today from Le Lombard. As a bit of cross-promotion, the album includes a flyer advertising the Journal, while next week’s issue of the magazine includes an excerpt of the album as a bonus (Lombard and Dupuis are both owned by the Média-Participations group).

Aug 032016

'La Lumière de Bornéo' FR covers, regular and tirage luxe ("The Light from Borneo"; ill. Frank Pé & Zidrou; Copyright (c) 2016 Dupuis and the artists; image from

The serialization of La Lumière de Bornéo (“The Light from Borneo”) continues apace, and Dupuis have now added the album, set to be released on 7. October, to their website. There are two versions: the regular album edition, now with a new cover, and a special deluxe edition for collectors. Interestingly, the length of the two books are given as 92 and 168 pages, while the story is supposed to be “only” 82 pages long, so even the regular edition may include some extras.

Here are the two covers in full resolution, as well as the earlier working version of the cover and a set of photos of Frank Pé painting in a Paris café, before an audience of French and Belgian book sellers (posted to Facebook by Dupuis a while ago):

Aug 022016

Festival Spirou 2016 poster (ill. Yoann et al.; Copyright (c) Dupuis and the artists; image from

The third annual Spirou Festival will take place a month from now, 2.–4. September, as seen in the announcement above, posted on Facebook and in the Journal.

As before, the Spirou Festival is simply the Dupuis section of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, and doesn’t focus specifically on Spirou & Fantasio. Dupuis hasn’t provided the detailed program yet (and in fact, even the poster is almost exactly the same as for the 2014 festival), but the Brussels Comic Strip Festival site provides this description: Continue reading »