Jun 172016
Amandine as Spirou, for Achim Reinecke (ill. Turf; Copyright (c) 2016 the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from facebook.com)

Amandine as Spirou, fanart for Achim Reinecke by Turf (2016)

From Achim Reinecke’s impressive collection of Spirou-themed convention sketches (dédicaces), here’s one by Turf, featuring in Spirou getup, if I’m not quite mistaken, Amandine from his series Magasin Sexuel (“Sex Shop”). Not apparently as explicit as what the title might give the impression of, Magasin Sexuel is described as a pleasant social satire of a quiet little village that gets shook up when a young girl, Amandine, arrives and decides to turn the old Rubber & Leather store, which had been selling boots and raincoats, into something a little more piquant…

The most relevant detail about the comic, however, is that in a clear bit of homage, the town’s mayor, one Raymond Orloff, is a dead ringer for the mayor of Champignac!

Excerpt from 'Magasin Sexuel' #1 (ill. Turf; Copyright (c) 2011 Delcourt and the artist; image adapted from cottagetreasure.blogspot.com)

From ‘Magasin Sexuel’ #1

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    Turf’s most long-running series is however the, currently finished, fantasy series “La Nef des fous”, with seven albums.

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