Jun 282016
Pencil for story in a Journal de Spirou special issue (ill. Pascal Jousselin; Copyright (c) 2016 Dupuis and the artist; photo by Jousselin; image from facebook.com)

Sketch for an upcoming Spirou story, by Pascal Jousselin (2016)

Pascal Jousselin (Imbattable), who wrote the choose-your-own-adventure-style Spirou story Fantasio a disparu! (“Fantasio Has Vanished!“), posted the pencils for a panel from an upcoming Spirou story to Facebook last week. It’s for a special issue of the Journal, so just a short story, not a full-length album or anything.

Jun 232016

Finally an update! A new one-shot by Hanco Kolk, an anthology album and more on the Yoann & Vehlmann short-story album, drawbacks to a Swedish collected edition volume, the next Spirou album in English, and more… (UPDATE: And the Marsupilami rages in Norway, too!) Continue reading »

Jun 222016

Incomplete pages from 'Ptirou' (ill. Verron & Sente; Copyright (c) Dupuis and the artists; photo by Laurent Verron; image from www.verron-laurent.com)

Over the last couple of months, Laurent Verron has resumed posting samples of his work on the upcoming Ptirou album on his blog. This stand-alone graphic novel, written by Yves Sente loosely based on a true story, depicts the life of a cabin boy who goes on to inspire Rob-Vel to create Spirou. Continue reading »

Jun 192016
Thumbnail, Spirou and Tintin crossover, Journal de Spirou #4078 (ill. Fred Neidhardt after Franquin & Hergé; Copyright (c) 2016 Dupuis and the artist; Tintin (c) Casterman, Studio Hergé; SR scanlation)

The biggest crossover in Belgian comics

Journal de Spirou #4078 (8. June, 2016) is actually the four thousandth issue of the Journal (because when the magazine adopted continuing numbering instead of within-year numbering after the war, they simply counted the number of weeks since the first issue, even if no magazine had come out that week). For this occasion, the magazine features a selection of “scoops” from the history of the magazine, as told and illustrated by Fred Neidhardt. This includes a crossover between Spirou and Tintin! Continue reading »

Jun 172016
Amandine as Spirou, for Achim Reinecke (ill. Turf; Copyright (c) 2016 the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from facebook.com)

Amandine as Spirou, fanart for Achim Reinecke by Turf (2016)

From Achim Reinecke’s impressive collection of Spirou-themed convention sketches (dédicaces), here’s one by Turf, featuring in Spirou getup, if I’m not quite mistaken, Amandine from his series Magasin Sexuel (“Sex Shop”). Not apparently as explicit as what the title might give the impression of, Magasin Sexuel is described as a pleasant social satire of a quiet little village that gets shook up when a young girl, Amandine, arrives and decides to turn the old Rubber & Leather store, which had been selling boots and raincoats, into something a little more piquant…

The most relevant detail about the comic, however, is that in a clear bit of homage, the town’s mayor, one Raymond Orloff, is a dead ringer for the mayor of Champignac!

Excerpt from 'Magasin Sexuel' #1 (ill. Turf; Copyright (c) 2011 Delcourt and the artist; image adapted from cottagetreasure.blogspot.com)

From ‘Magasin Sexuel’ #1

Jun 102016

I’ve been too busy to keep Spirou Reporter updated, but let’s try to get back to some level of activity around here.

Spirou and Luna Fatale poster (ill. Sophian Cholet; Copyright (c) 2016 the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from sophiancholet.tumblr.com)

Spirou and Spip with Luna Fatale poster, by Sophian Cholet (2016). Colors by Julie Rouvière.

Sophian Cholet is the artist of a series called Zombies. This piece is from another of the “… y se escribe Spirou” exhibitions, this time in Barcelona (which ended 21. May).