Apr 292016
Cyanure fan art (ill. Eillam after Tome & Janry; Copyright (c) 2014 the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from bricemallie.unblog.fr)

Cyanure, by Eillam after Tome & Janry (2014)

French artist Eillam, or Brice Mallie, did this fanart piece of Cyanure (or Cyanida in English) from Tome & Janry’s Qui arrêtera Cyanure ? (Spirou & Fantasio #35, “Who Will Stop Cyanida?”). In fact, it’s the reverse shot (more or less) of the album cover:

Spirou & Fantasio #35: 'Qui arrêtera Cyanure ?' ("Who Will Stop Cyanida?"; ill. Tome & Janry; Copyright (c) 1985 Dupuis and the artists; image from izneo.com)

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