Feb 082016

After the last point in the Friends of Spirou Code of Honor stirred up some slight controversy, here’s one that should be fairly innocuous.

"Friends of Spirou Code of Honor" 8 ('Les Amis de Spirou Code d'Honneur' 8; ill. Jijé & Jean Doisy; Copyright (c) 1941 by Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

And the accompanying message of inspiration from the Robbedoes Almanak 1944 (where this was point 7), once again translated by Miriam:

Almost before we know it, we have reached the seventh point of our code of honor. This month, all Spirou Rascals and Rascalettes will focus especially on keeping a cheerful demeanor, even in the face of adversity.

Our loyal Jijé has illustrated an example of real, imperturbable Spirou cheerfulness below. But there are hundreds of ways to practice this true Spirou virtue. Especially in this time, there are so many adults who get irate very quickly, and there are lots of children who take after them. We Friends of Spirou can’t allow ourselves to be tempted into such behavior. We shall control our impatience, our annoyance, our bad mood and our irritableness. No blunt outbursts, no ill-tempered looks, no fiery faces! We’re always ready with a gag, a happy face, a smile and a song. Of course, this won’t always be easy, but that’s exactly why we want to test ourselves with this. We want to learn how to control ourselves. We want to master our mood, not let our mood control us. And because this is especially hard and requires a lot of willpower and therefore practice, we will keep our survey of conscience with even more zeal! We will succeed!

Is that agreed, dear Spirou Rascals and Rascalettes? In that case, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the participants of the code: good luck!

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