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'Fantasio se marie' provisional cover ("Fantasio Gets Married"; ill. Feroumont; Copyright (c) by Dupuis and the artist; image from bferoumont.blogspot.com)

Provisional cover, by Benoît Feroumont

The Flemish site Stripspeciaalzaak has posted some information about Feroumont’s upcoming one-shot, Fantasio se marie (“Fantasio Gets Married”; previous working titles Fantasio quitte la maison and Spirou et les femmes), including a cover (not final) and a plot blurb.

Fantasio has something important to tell his best friend, Spirou: He’s getting married! Therefore, he’ll have much less time to go on adventures to all four corners of the world. The lucky lady is none other than Clothilde Gallantine, daughter of the famous fashion magazine publisher, whom Fantasio is eager to introduce to Spirou.

At the meeting in Madame Gallantine’s offices, a precious necklace is stolen from under the noses of Spirou and Fantasio, who decide to chase after the woman thief. Without success – Fantasio being too much in love to act effectively.

When Seccotine hears the news of Fantasio’s engagement, she pays a visit to Spirou and offers to take over for his preoccupied companion. With a female partner by his side who’s so with-it, intelligent and full of initiative, Spirou will discover what resourceful creatures women are. The hunt for the mysterious thief is about to move rapidly ahead… and reawaken old and painful memories for Spirou.

A story full of twists, humor and emotions, where Spirou is faced with a variety of strong women: A steely queen of the fashion world, a rich heiress engaged to Fantasio, an old lady who was robbed during the war, a thief who gives birth while in full flight, alluring top models… and even his own mother!

Amazon has the album scheduled for release on 10. June (Update: Feroumont says 3. June), which probably means the serialization in the Journal will begin in a month or so.

(Thanks to Stripspeciaalzaak’s David Steenhuyse for the tip.)

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    Feroumont states on Facebook;

    “La pré publication dans le Spirou commence le 23 mars”, so serialization begins in March…

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