Jan 182016
Working logo for 'Le Petit Spirou' film (image from facebook.com/Nicolas-Bary-186707934726362/)

‘Le Petit Spirou’ movie logo. From Facebook

It’s been announced that the upcoming Petit Spirou (“Little Spirou”) movie, directed by Nicolas Bary, will start filming this summer sometime between May and July, for release in spring 2017. While Spirou Reporter hasn’t followed news of the development closely, it has apparently been moving along steadily since the initial report, with a number of updates on various Facebook pages over the last year.

July saw a photo of the film’s pre-production team:

Petit Spirou development team photo (Nathanaël La Combe, Philippe Tome, Nicolas Bary, Janry, Laurent Turner, Jean Cottin, Laurent Duvault; image from facebook.com)

Nathanaël La Combe (producer for Les Partenaires), Philippe Tome (writer, ‘Petit Spirou’), Nicolas Bary (director), Janry (artist, ‘Petit Spirou’), Laurent Turner (scriptwriter), Jean Cottin (producer for Les Films du Cap), Laurent Duvault (director of audio-visual adaptations for Dargaud-Dupuis).

More recently, casting is underway. Last month, Bary revealed pictures of some of the adult actors, without specifying exactly who would play who. The cast includes Pierre Richard, Natacha Régnier, François Damiens, Alice Pol, Philippe Katerine, and Armelle (Lesniak-Hourlier):

And finally now the producers are looking for kids between 8 and 10 (still in primary school) to fill the child roles – probably the most important part! Casting will be held in Paris at the end of the month. As the casting call states:

  • Petit Spirou: A redheaded boy, lively and mischievous
  • Vertignasse: A brown-haired boy, Petit Spirou’s best friend
  • Suzette: A blonde girl, bubbly and funny
  • Ponchelot: A chubby boy, food-loving and friendly
  • Cassius: A boy of African descent, a joker and a sportsman
  • Masseur: A boy somewhat taller than the others, drowsy and with his head in the clouds
'Le Petit Spirou' character costumes (ill. Tome & Janry; Copyright (c) Dupuis and the artists; image from dupuis.com)

Who will fill these costumes? (Petit Spirou, Vertignasse, Suzette, Ponchelot, Cassius, Masseur and Baptiste)

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    I bet François Damiens is going to play Mr Megot ! hahaha


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