Nov 272015
'Le Nid des Maspiroulamis' (ill. Al Severin, after Franquin; (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

‘Le Nid des Maspiroulamis’ (“The Nest of the Maspiroulamis”), by Al Severin, after Franquin.

In honor of the return of the Marsupilami, and of the new edition of Al Severin’s Spirou sous le manteau (“Spirou Under the Counter”), here’s a piece of Franquin-inspired fanart. This seems to have been posted on, but deleted so that it now only survives on Pinterest.

Nov 262015

Journal de Spirou #4051-4052 'Spécial Noël' cover ("Christmas Special"; ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; 2015 (c) Dupuis and the artists; image from

We’re still a month away from Christmas, but many Journal de Spirou subscribers have already received the special, double-length Christmas issue of the magazine, which – most importantly – features the first installment of La Colère du Marsupilami (Spirou & Fantasio #55, “Wrath of the Marsupilami”). Read on for an interview with Vehlmann and a peek at the first couple of pages… Continue reading »

Nov 202015
Spirou & Fantasio, "Don't Cry" (ill. Inês "SpipLover" Saraiva; 2015 (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

“Don’t Cry”, by Inês Saraiva, aka SpipLover (2015)

Unlike the Charlie Hebdo murders in January, the terrorist attack in Paris last week didn’t seem like something this blog needed to or could meaningfully address. As in all such events, it’s a terrible tragedy and misdeed, and our thoughts are with the victims. I’ll leave it at that. But it did inspire the choice of this week’s fanart (not originally made for this occasion).

Nov 192015
'La Colère du Marsupilami' cover (ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; 2015/2016 (c) Dupuis and the artists; image from

‘La Colère du Marsupilami’ cover, from InediSpirou

(Updated with a better image of the cover and the publication program download) The next Spirou & Fantasio adventure is almost upon us, as La Colère du Marsupilami (Spirou & Fantasio #55, “Wrath of the Marsupilami”) begins its serialization in the 2. December issue of the Journal de Spirou. Ahead of that, Dupuis has sent out their program of upcoming publications to a number of interested web sites (sadly not to Spirou Reporter, but can be downloaded here), which includes the cover of the upcoming album (above), a preview of two pages, and a plot summary. (SPOILERS!) Continue reading »

Nov 132015
Spirou & Fantasio, Will Eisner style (ill. Pinturero; 2015 (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

‘Spirou’ by Pinturero (2015)

From the exhibition Spirou, de Champiñac a Pontevedra (“Spirou: From Champignac to Pontevedra” – gotta love that tilde!), which opened this week, a piece by Pinturero, inspired by Will Eisner’s The Spirit. Photos from the opening of the exhibition can be seen here.

Interesting connection: Pinturero did the colors for one album of the series Sorcelleries by Guarnido & Valero, and a crossover between Spirou, Sorcelleries and Guarnido’s other series Blacksad was one of the first Spirou Reporter scanlations.

Nov 102015

The big news of this update is the announcement of the publication dates for the next two one-shots. Also, no news is good(ish) news from Fournier, Yoann & Vehlmann forever and ever, Finland and Spain get new releases of old material, and a couple of recent publications hold up… Updated: And news on one more one-shot! Updated 2: … and a new edition of Spirou sous le manteau! Continue reading »

Nov 092015

"Summer Treasure Hunt 2015" panel, from the Journal de Spirou #4046 (ill. Rubén del Rincón, Niffle, Sti; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)
Each summer, the Journal de Spirou has a “treasure hunt” contest, where readers have to piece together a location from clues spread out over multiple issues. We had one of the first strips from this year’s contest as a scanlation a few months ago. Now here is the solution, from the 28 October issue, #4046 (the clues are in red)… Continue reading »