Oct 182015

"Spirou's Exquisite Corpse" p. 37 ('Spirou: Un Cadavre Exquis'; ill. Fournier; (c) Dupuis and the artist; SR scanlation)

Fournier makes sure that the experiment with a female Spirou comes to a quick end.

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    I was surprised when I saw that he had the female Spirou for one panel, I thought he’d ignored it completely. Also I really like how he drew Seccotine in this.


      Drat, I liked female Spirou… I think it would have been fun to see Fantasio’s reaction.


        Even though it’s crazier than evah, you can hang out with the Spirella – ella – ella – ah – ah…

        Anyway, I noticed Fournier’s style is rather similar to Wasterlain’s… There are strong similarities between the artists, which they don’t really share with other Marcinelle artists…

        Which doesn’t seem to be because they have similar backgrounds or participated on the same projects or similar, but stem from something else… Just thinking aloud…


      Oh, yeah, I didn’t even notice that Spirou is still in skirt and boots in the second panel.

      And I agree with Håkan that later-day Fournier looks a lot like Wasterlain: they both seem closer to a classic children’s book illustration style.


    Well, that was an easy solution.

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