Sep 212015

Yoann Empirix interview, from Raptus 2015

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From the Raptus Festival in Norway, Yoann interviewed by Empirix. He reveals that the next album is expected in March 2016, unless he gets delayed. Also cool to hear his pronunciations of the French names.

Edit: This might also be a good opportunity to mention that according to one source (who heard it from Yoann at a signing), the next adventure will be 54 pages long, up from the standard 46 that recent albums in the main series have been allowed. This should be good news, since in the opinion of many fans, several of the albums have suffered from trying to squeeze too much into too few pages. For example, Morvan & Munuera lobbied hard for a couple of extra pages in Paris-sous-Seine (Spirou & Fantasio #47, “Paris-Under-Seine”), but Dupuis remained inflexible.

(Thanks to Walter Wehus for the tip.)

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    I think Yoann’s pronunciations of the French names are very regular…

    About the next album being 54 pages long, that’s good news! Surely it won’t be that hard to print. Personally I think it’s a bit old-fashioned to force a story to be exact 44 pages long, it’s possible to print another amount of pages per album.


      8 more pages, huh? Sounds like two inlays of paper… It might be easier torequest a number evenly divided by 4, at least… Or, there might be some other numbers that were easier for printing. I’m not that aware of the printing process…

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