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'La Femme-léopard' wall mural (ill. Schwartz & Yann; (c) the artists; Spirou (c) Dupuis; photo from

‘La Femme-léopard’ mural

Last Thursday was the official unveiling of a new comics mural in Brussels, featuring art from the Spirou one-shot La Femme-léopard by Schwartz & Yann. As previously reported, it is located in the Ixelles neighborhood (the address indicated has changed from Rue de la Croix 9 to Chausseé d’Ixelles 227A, but that’s right next door). It also turns out that the image printed in the Journal was flipped horizontally, so the actual mural indeed has the hotel sign the right way around.

(From and the Spirou Facebook page.)

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    Rue de la Croix – it makes sense, as the original colorist of this picture is Laurence Croix 🙂


    Now I realize that this mural is “extended”, compared to the panel in the album. Both the starry sky on top, and additional cars and bypassers on the bottom have been added. Would you know if there’s a public two-dimensional original for this “extended” version, such as a poster or an alternative cover, or is it just an adaption to the shape of the wall?


      Apparently, it was an adaption to the shape of the wall…


      Yes, this is discussed briefly in the earlier report. Schwartz also mentions that he doesn’t usually like to go back and redraw/modify old illustrations, but that he made an exception in this case. The drawing was also converted to vector format (from the scanned inks, I assume) so it could be blown up to wall-scale without pixelation.

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