Sep 062015

We’ve reached the halfway point in the Friends of Spirou Code of Honor:

"Friends of Spirou Code of Honor" 5 ('Les Amis de Spirou Code d'Honneur' 5; ill. Jijé & Jean Doisy; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

As usual, the Dutch-language Robbedoes Almanak (where the rule is phrased slightly differently, and comes as number 4 of the code) added a short text of moral encouragement:

A Friend of Spirou is a friend to the weak and all of those in need. That’s the fourth point of the Spirou Code. What Spirou Rascal or Rascalette doesn’t feel their heart beat faster when they read this rule? There are boys and girls who are always going after the weak. They are out to tease them and even torment them. After all, they know that the weak cannot defend themselves. Such behavior is low! It is cowardly! It is unworthy of any true Spirou Rascal or Rascalette!

In the Friends of Spirou ranks we only want boys and girls of fine feeling and noble deeds. Therefore, this month we will particularly focus on this highest Spirou virtue: Always be kind and helpful to the weak and those in need. Only then do we become true boys and girls in the mold of Spirou.

So don’t forget this month: A Friend of Spirou is a friend to the weak and all of those in need.

As relevant today as in 1938 or 1943…

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    You translated the text from Dutch yourself?


      Yeah, I gave it a shot. The one bit I found particularly difficult was “Dan eerst worden we echte jongens en meisjes, zooals Robbedoes die vormen wil.” I guessed that it means to take the (metaphorical) shape Spirou wants for us, or more loosely, to follow in his mold; correct me if I’m wrong.

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