Sep 042015

Today is the opening of the second annual Spirou Festival, and what better chance could there be to feature this piece from last year’s festival, by our very own Sasa Tseng (“SA comme SASSY):

Festival de Spirou 2014 (ill. Sasa Tseng; (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from

‘Festival de Spirou’, by Sasa Tseng (2014).

How many characters can you identify?

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    A few tumblr bloggers are in there too, but are much harder to identify! 🙂


    Listing of characters, as I can make out. (Spoilers ahead.) Generally left to right.

    Top left: Marsupilami, Bottom left: Boule and Bill, directly above: Zorglub with henchman, directly right: Gaston and Prunelle, Spirou, Nombrils, (Jenny, Karine, Vicky I think, but might be mixing up her bullies), Tintin and Milou, Lucky Luke, not sure of the persons inside booth (Miss Flanner and her illegitimate time paradox child?), Zantafio, might be Petit Spirou’s grandfather and Spip inside the booth (or maybe Count Champignac in full uniform), Sasa, Fantasio, Gretchen, not sure of the name of the mummy (I think), but he’s another Zombillennium character…

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