Aug 312015

The third and final page of cut-scene strips from La grosse tête (“The Big Head”) by Makyo, Toldac and Tehem.

'La Grosse tête' bonus/teaser page 3 (ill. Tehem, Makyo, Toldac; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

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    Awards buffs may notice that the trophy Spirou is holding is actually a César (the French movie award), but since that’s not so well known outside the country, some sort of Cannes prize seemed more suitable.


      The one that Fantasio is holding is a turnip – “navet”, the french word for it is used too to define a very bad movie. I don’t know which equivalent could be used in english, maybe “rotten tomato” ? Such awards do really exist, the french ones are called the “Gérards”. Not related to Depardieu but some of his latest movies could owe him one or two of those trophies… Some of the comedians awarded by the Gérards are humorous enough to actually go to the ceremony, but not many of them !


        The American version is called the Golden Raspberry Awards, or “Razzies”, from the term “blowing a raspberry” (sticking your tongue out and making a farting sound with your mouth, as a sign of derision).

        The only movie to have won both an Oscar and a Razzie is Wall Street (Best Actor for Michael Douglas and Worst Supporting Actress for Daryl Hannah), so by analogy Spirou & Fantasio’s film would be a first. A few people have won (or “won”) both awards in the same year, however, including Sandra Bullock in the 2009 awards (Best Actress for The Blind Side and Worst Actress for All About Steve), who accepted both awards in person.


          The Razzie atually looks ‘fairly’ similar to the navet, in its shape. I guess a skillful artist could have the image reedited without it looking too awkward…


    Hahaha. How sympathetic of Fantasio to pick up their Raspberry award.


      Just like Halle!

      Anyway, that giant Spip made me think of F’Murr’s version… (Spirella, Mangeuse d’écureuils! – Spirella, squirrel eater.)


        Am I being too negative if I think Fantasio maybe didn’t realize what kind of award he was there to accept beforehand?

        (BTW, Spirella is NSFW, for those of you about to hit Google.)


          In any case, I think Spirou certainly knew what kind of award Fantasio was accepting. Maybe Spirou played a joke on him.


    Hello, I was wondering… Are you coming to the festival?

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