Aug 072015

Fred Coicault draws several gag comics (Les mini-stars and Le fayot), and is by all accounts a huge Franquin fan.

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    The Franquin’s drawing probably used as a reference :


      There’s an older version of the same image, that’s actually more probable. The album cover to “Le Cas Lagaffe”.

      For some reason, Franquin decided to redraw the style of Gaston in the 80’s, to no particular success, since the end result looks way too harmless for a living office accident…


        “for some reason” -> named merchandising, postcards…

        “to no particular success” -> your own point of of view, of course.

        (And this drawing is probably from the early 90s)


          Yeah, Franquin sems to have gotten a lot less prolific during the 80’s and 90’s, when he went into merchandising. His output of actual ‘comics’ decreased quickly. I haven’t seen this box before. I don’t think this merchandise was widespread outside France/ Belgium…

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