Jul 082015

Tome & Janry (Philippe Vandevelde and Jean-Richard Geurts) were stewards of the Spirou & Fantasio series for almost twenty years, and have now been making Le Petit Spirou (“Little Spirou”) for twenty-five. Eventually, Tome became the script-writer and Janry the artist, but Tome could also draw, and he has made these sketches for various book dedications to fans:

(Spirou, Fantasio, Count Champignac)

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    Seems like a good idea that Tome keeps on being a script-writer and let Janry take care of the artist work.


    I got a a sketch from him at the spirou festival last year. I thought being a writer he would just sign his name so it was a nice surprise.


    I like his Count Champignac, particularly… The simplicity of Spirou and Fantasio isn’t as well captured…

    I heard Yann also was a decent artist, I wonder whether he’d draw dedicacés like that.

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