Jul 012015

Journal de Spirou #4029-4030 cover (ill. Bruno Dequir; (c) Dupuis and the artist; image from izneo.com)

Today a special, double-length summer issue of the Journal de Spirou (#4029–4030) hits newsstands. It has as its theme “Holidays of yore,” and includes two retro-style Spirou stories, by Al Séverin (known for Spirou sous le manteau, “Spirou Under the Counter”) and Fabrice Parme (Panique en Atlantique, “Panic on the Atlantic”), respectively. Here are a couple of samples from the two 4-page stories:

From 'Tu ne fais pas le poids ! ... Chiche ?' ("You haven't got a chance! ... You Bet?"; ill. Al Séverin; (c) Dupuis and the artist; from JdS #4029-4030)

From ‘Tu ne fais pas le poids ! … Chiche ?’ (“You haven’t got a chance! … You Bet?”), by Al Séverin.

From 'Les vacances de Monsieur Fantasio' ("Mr. Fantasio's Holiday"; ill. Fabrice Parme; (c) Dupuis and the author; from JdS #4029-4030)

From ‘Les vacances de Monsieur Fantasio’ (“Mr. Fantasio’s Holiday”), by Fabrice Parme.

There’s also a mini-comic by Olivier Schwartz decorating the table of content page.

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