Jun 282015

Another installment of the Friends of Spirou Code of Honor (see previous parts here):

"Friends of Spirou Code of Honor" 4 ('Les Amis de Spirou Code d'Honneur' 4; ill. Jijé & Jean Doisy; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

This entry is perhaps the most interesting one so far. Like the other comic strips, it was included in the Flemish edition of the Spirou Almanach 1944, the Robbedoes Almanak 1944, along with an accompanying text. The Code of Honor was used as a kind of year-long challenge for Friends of Spirou and other readers, who were given one point of the code as an assignment to practice each month. In this particular case, the Dutch translation actually added a clause to the code: A Friend of Spirou is faithful to God, his country and his language.

Obviously this alludes to Belgium’s division into French-speaking and Dutch-speaking (Flemish) communities (along with some smaller minorities), which has been a source of conflict for all of the nation’s history. Language is also a particular focus of the instructions to the readers: Continue reading »

Jun 192015

Here’s another image kindly sent by Achim Reinecke, a drawing by Marsupilami-artist Batem:

Spirou, Marsupilami and Spip (ill. Batem after Franquin; image via Achim Reinecke)

Spirou, Marsupilami and Spip, by Batem after Franquin (2015).

Although Batem has signed it “after Franquin”, I’m not sure that it’s actually based on a specific Franquin piece.

Jun 182015

Here’s another feature we haven’t done in a while (like, a year): official Spirou art by artists other than the official ones.

Parc Spirou header image (image from dupuis.com)

This picture, by an unidentified artist, is used on spirou.com for a new survey about the upcoming theme park. Other illustrations, apparently by the same hand, have also appeared in various places, including on the Parc Spirou website. What do you think of it?

Jun 172015

As reported last year, writer Yves Sente and artist Laurent Verron are doing a graphic novel about the cabin boy who inspired Rob-Vel to create Spirou. Now, from an interview with Verron in the fanzine Tonnere de Bulles ! #8 (via Le Petit Écho de Champignac), there’s a little more information, along with a penciled half-page.

Update: Just noticed that on Verron’s homepage, there are a number of sketches from his work on this album:

Continue reading »

Jun 102015

'Spirou par Jijé' intégrale collected edition cover (ill. Jijé; (c) Dupuis and the artist)

A few pieces of news have come out recently. First, the Jijé volume of the collected edition coming in October has a (provisional) cover, seen above. Extracted from Jijé’s illustration for the first cover of the Journal de Spirou after liberation in 1944, it’s a great example of his style.

The other news comes from this week’s issue of the Journal (#4026). This is mainly updates on one-shots we’ve heard about before… Continue reading »