May 212015

It’s been a while, but let’s get back into it with a rundown of recent and upcoming Spirou publications! Until the last few weeks there wasn’t much to report, but now there’s suddenly enough to fill multiple posts. So let’s start off with French releases: We have news of two upcoming Spirou & Fantasio adventures, several collected editions, and an ever-increasing pile of Franquin-related books, among other things… Continue reading »

May 152015

Daan Jippes is perhaps best known as a chameleon of an artist, able to create uncanny imitations of Carl Barks (he’s often been called on to restore, redraw or draw new Duck comics from Barks’ scripts) as well as Uderzo and other artists in the Franco-Belgian “bignose” tradition (including this Franquin pastiche). His original works should not be forgotten, however, particularly Twee voor Thee (“Two for Tea”, 1972) and his adaptations of the Havank detective mysteries in recent years.

Still, given his outstanding ability to straddle American and European comic traditions, it’s only natural that a lot of his commissioned illustrations should seek to combine these influences, as in these pieces:

'Les cascadeurs du Bouddha' ("Stuntmen of the Buddha"; ill. Daan Jippes aka Danier; 2014 (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; Donald Duck (c) Disney; image from

“Stuntmen of the Buddha” by Daan Jippes, aka Danier (2014).

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