Apr 172015

A couple of weeks ago on Wednesday, Miriam posted this penciled page from the next Spirou album by Yoann & Vehlmann (retexted in English) on tumblr, revealing a major twist:

"Spirou 55" pencils (ill. Emily "Raax" Stewart & Lieju; (c) the artists; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from tumblr.com)

… as you can probably tell, it’s not actually drawn by Yoann, and the day it was posted just happens to have been 1. April. I’m not sure who the actual artist/writer is (or are)… Edit: See the comments.

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    It’s Raax’s artwork! http://overlordraax.tumblr.com/ And Lieju (http://mutalieju.tumblr.com/ ) made the story. I did nothing but posting it (and putting in the dialoge). Thanks for featuring the page.


    I’m the one who drew the page. I’m Raax on tumblr and I’ve quite recently gotten into the Spirou series. I’m absolutely chuffed to see some of my art on this fantastic site.

    My friend Lieju wrote the script and she devised this as an April Fools prank. I did my best to imitate Yoann’s art style. Miiriam uploaded it in order to help throw people off the scent. It was really fun to do this and some people’s reactions were marvelous.

    I also translated the script into French via google translate whilst I was working on this for added authenticity, so there is a (probably rather mangled)French version of this available as well.



    Just as well that it is not really part of the next story. I do not like the stories made by Morvan and Munuera and would prefer that future artists would not base their stories on anything from these artists.


    You got me fooled there. To be honest, I would not neccessarily mind a return of Miss Flanner in later albums. I think her overall set-up is pretty interesting; a highly intelligent, technological mastermind with a shared and emotional past with the Count and Zorglub and morally ambiguous. I just do not think her creators used her well in insisting on a very weird love triangle (or square when Spirou himself got involved) which was done poorly to boot. I think the character has potential but would need a retooling.

    As for Zantafio, surely his treatment by Morvan and Munuera should not be the last we see of him?


    Man I regret posting this. It’s a funny joke but they should really have asked someone else instead of using me.

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