Feb 202015
Seccotine (ill. Miriam; (c) the artist; Spirou (c) Dupuis; image from tumblr.com)

Seccotine, by Miriam (2014).


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    Thanks much for featuring my drawing! (about the translation of the accompanying texts for the Spirou Code of Honor, I finished it. Now it’s waiting for my proofreader…)


      The texts are sent. But because the contact form on the About page made it lose all the lay-out, I sent it via Tumblr as well.


    Bad tracing of the Christmas page from Le Nid des Marsupilamis, with the Et Franquin Créa la Gaffe colors.




      It’s fanart, and it’s quite normal that it’s based on one of the comics. If you had clicked the link, you would have seen that Miriam was totally upfront about where it was from. Your comment was unnecessarily rude, and not worthy of a Friend of Spirou. I would ask you to think twice about what you write in future comments.

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