Feb 122015

Earlier this week, the official Spirou site posted a page of “deleted scenes” from La Grosse tête (“The Big Head”). Whether these were ever really intended for inclusion or are just offered as a teaser for the album (on sale 20. March), it’s a fun little series of vignettes, and since we missed a scanlation recently, I thought this might make up for it:

'La Grosse tête' bonus/teaser page (ill. Téhem, Makyo, Toldac; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

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    They’re all so funny! Too bad they got deleted.


    Art-wise, they look a bit half-assed. Not sure if it was the editors or authors who decided on this, but it sorta looks like rough sketches by the non-dominant hand…


      Sarcasm aside, this made me think of the Japanese yon-koma tradition. In Japanese manga, it is common with 4-panel (nearly always) self-parodies of the main series…


    […] are some more “cut scenes” from the latest one-shot, La grosse tête (part 1 here). Though as it turns out, they are actually included in the album as a bonus, so they’re not […]

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