Jan 112015

'Je suis Zorglub!' ("I Am Zorglub!"; ill. Giulia Jones, after Franquin, Jidéhem, Greg, with Thierry Capezzone; (c) the artists; Spirou (c) Dupuis; SR scanlation)

From Facebook. Je suis Charlie means “I am Charlie,” of course (or it can actually also mean “I follow Charlie”). I opted not to translate it, since the French slogan has spread world-wide.

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    You swapped the words ‘je suis’?


      Nope. This is Giulia’s corrected version. In zorglingo you spell each word backwards, but the words remain in the original order. So this is the right way. (This might also be a good time to acknowledge that I’ve been spelling Giulia’s name wrong on multiple occasions by swapping the I and U. Sorry! Should be fixed now.)

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