Jan 042015

Marsupilami gag #11 header (ill. Franquin; (c) Marsu Productions and the artist; SR scanlation)André Franquin was born on 3. January and died on 5. January (1924 and 1997, respectively). Splitting the difference, today we honor Franquin with a wintry page featuring Noel and the Marsupilami…

Marsupilami gag #11 (ill. Franquin; (c) Marsu Productions and the artist; SR scanlation)This page comes from a series of Marsupilami gags in Capturez un Marsupilami (Marsupilami #0, “To Catch a Marsupilami”). While “The Leash,” which features Spirou and Marsupilami, was the last one of these published, this may have been made later, and if so this represents the last clear “canon” appearance of the original Marsupilami.

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    Love these short stories, particularly the colouring -remarking on how good Franquin’s late style was seems pointless-. I wonder why Spirou’s latest albums never look so good.

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