Jan 212015

Here’s a first glimpse of a page from the next Spirou adventure by Yoann & Vehlmann:

Pencil-sketch page for Spirou 55 (ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis and the artists; image from facebook.com)

Spirou 55 page, by Yoann & Vehlmann. From Thierry Capezzone to La Franco-Belge on Facebook.

Spirou and Fantasio are back in the office, and isn’t that Lebrac the artist (from Gaston)? This looks to me like the page-layout or initial rough pencil sketch, which is later copied more neatly and in larger format for the final pencils.

Jan 142015

Some big news about upcoming one-shots, several books about Franquin in preparation, Vito will return in English, and more… Continue reading »

Jan 102015

Journal de Spirou 'Je suis Charlie' HS (Special Journal de Spirou issue for Charlie Hebdo; ill. Yoann; (c) Dupuis and the artist)

The Journal de Spirou will put out a special issue in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Editor Frédéric Niffle writes:

Spirou will publish a special issue, to come out already next week, in order to pay tribute to the 12 people killed — among them a number of creators of Charlie Hebdo (Cabu, Charb, Tignous, Wolinski) — and to express why freedom of expression is so important in the civilized world. To say that we do not accept this vision of a totalitarian society.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. — Evelyne Beatrice Hall in 1906, describing Voltaire’s philosophy.

We are therefore asking you for contributions to this special issue.

Your illustrations, your texts, and your pages need to reach us no later than Saturday 10. January (17:00).

A big thank you in advance for your support.

Always remember that Spirou is a magazine that stands for tolerance, under its motto: “Spirou: friend, wherever, forever!”

— Journal de Spirou editors

Since this is not a regular Spirou issue, it will not be sent to subscribers, but only available for direct purchase where magazines are sold. The money will reportedly go to the families of the victims.

While the deadline has already passed, we might expect to see a number of Spirou-related tributes over the coming days. To keep this blog from becoming too morbid, they’ll be added to this post.

Updated 17/01/2015: The magazine can now be ordered online here. Dupuis have also put up a gallery of submissions that weren’t included in the issue here (the Spirou-themed ones are also included below). Continue reading »