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Spirou and Marsupilami, homage to Franquin (ill. Yoann; (c) Dupuis and the artist; image from bdzoom)

Spirou and the Marsupilami, homage to Franquin by Yoann (2009).
Image from BDZoom (original).

If you were worried for some reason that there weren’t going to be any more Spirou albums, put that fear aside, as this week brings news of adventures to come both in the near- and long-term future.

This week’s issue of the Journal de Spirou (#3986) includes, along with the first part of the Spirou adventure Le Groom de Sniper Alley (“The Sniper Alley Bellhop”, more on which later), details on series to appear in the magazine for the rest of the year. While much less detailed than the “back from vacation” previews that have been featured in previous years, it still offers some tasty pieces of info.

The Big Head for Christmas

We learn that Makyo and Téhem’s one-shot La Grosse tête (“The Big Head”) will debut 17. December, in the Christmas double-issue (#4001-4002). Good news!

November Mystery Adventure

What’s more surprising is the announcement of another story to appear even before that, in #3997 (19. November): “You’ll find Spirou plunged into an adventure like you’ve never read before. Its creators? Impossible to reveal here. You’ll understand why when you see this very special issue.” All very mysterious. One possibility is that it refers to La Théorie des dominos (“The Domino Theory”), and that this marks the launch (finally) of the digital magazine Spirou.Z. Or it might be something completely different.

Yoann & Vehlmann: Here to stay

Finally, in response to a bunch of negative comments (by a small minority) on the BD Gest’ forum, Yoann posted a response to the critics:


I see that we have here on this forum a nice bunch of experts on spirouvian matters. (I’m astonished that Dupuis didn’t consult some of you so you could tell them the how to move forward for Spirou to remain – or become again – the brilliant comic that Franquin developed. Unless any of you are actually Fournier, Tome & Janry, or Greg?*)

Do YOU love Spirou? Do YOU love Yoann & Vehlmann? I’ve picked THIS forum to let you know the good news, to which you will all rejoice: Our Spirou contract has been renewed for several years! We’re happy to announce even more yoannandvehlmannesque adventures to come! And the cherry on the cake: after several decades’ absence, it’s our team who have got the task to bring back to the series a certain little yellow animal with black spots and a characteristic cry… I’m delighted to imagine the happiness on your faces that this news brings! More than ever before, Spirou is going to be Yoann & Vehlmann, to our great joy and that of our readers.

Thank you for your encouragement. It’s you who give us the energy to make these albums, to the best of our abilities.


* I’ve had second thoughts about the translation of this sentence. My French is too poor to say for sure, but it might instead be something like “Unless it was Fournier, Tome & Janry, or even Greg [who made the series great]…”

Not a lot of actual news there – we already knew about the contract extension and the return of the Marsupilami – but it does point towards the series continuing into the indefinite future (as long as the two aren’t discouraged by the haters).

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