Jun 292014

'Go Champignac!' (ill. Nic Broca & Alain de Kuyssche; (c) Dupuis and the artists; SR scanlation)

So, here we have part 2 (of 4) of Nic Broca & Alain de Kuyssche’s Go Champignac! (Allez Champignac!) Part 1 here.

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    What is the Count planning? Who sent the anonymous letter? Who is the shadowy saboteur? Find out in the next… Oh, wait. None of these things are ever properly resolved!

    This story really annoys me. 🙁


    I notice Gaston and the gang on top of the fourth page. Were they featured more in the original publishing, and this the only time they weren’t edited away, or what’s the story… ?


    …fifth page…


    Each page featured a header with characters from a different Journal de Spirou comic. I edited out most of them, but left in the Spirou (in Part 1) and Gaston ones.


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