Jun 212014

Festival Spirou poster

Dupuis and the Journal de Spirou recently announced the first Spirou Festival, to be held in Brussels on 5–7 September (Friday–Sunday). It will take place “at the heart of the Parc Royal de Bruxelles, right in front of the Royal Palace.”

According to the announcement:

The Spirou Festival is meant to bring the creators and readers of the Journal together around activities, signing sessions, talks, video screenings, etc. It’s targeted towards curious readers and enthusiasts, towards children and parents, towards collectors, new fans, hardcore devotees, professionals, amateurs… In summary: everyone. And there will be something for everyone!

As the poster indicates, it is part of The Brussels Comics Festival, Fête de la BD/Stripfest, it will feature more than 50 comics creators, and other events include live drawings, cosplay, competitions, lottery drawings, a collectors’ corner, and more.

All this sounds like a pretty standard comics convention, and it’s worth pointing out that it seems to be a “Spirou Festival” mainly in the sense of a festival for the magazine, not the comic specifically (which makes it less relevant to Spirou Reporter). Nevertheless, chances are that a at least some of the artists who work or have worked on the series will be there, and it will hopefully be a nice event of some interest to fans.

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