Jun 062014

'Journal d'un ingénu' DK: 'Portræt af helten som troskyldig ung mand' (ill. Bravo; (c) Cobolt)

The Danish edition of Émile Bravo’s Journal d’un ingénu, “Splint: Portræt af helten som troskyldig ung mand”, has been nominated for Pingprisen 2014, a Danish comic award, in the category “best children’s/youth comic”. Cobolt put out the album, which was originally published in 2008, in October last year, in a Danish translation by Ole Steen Hansen. The Swedish edition from the same publisher came out last month.

The awards are handed out this Saturday (tomorrow!). The other nominees in this category are:

  • “Lou! #4: Sommerforelskelser” (Julien Neel) – in English as Lou!
  • Muld og Mille #1: Lotusdammens Vogter” (Niels Roland)
  • Pssst!” (Annette Herzog & Katrine Clante)
  • Alene #1-#2″ (Bruno Gazotti & Fabien Vehlmann) – in English as Alone

News via Cobolt on Facebook.

Update: And the winner is… “Pssst!” Too bad for Spirou fans, but congratulations to Herzog & Clante. (From Nummer 9)

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    Coincidentally, I just now noticed that “Sprint: I Vipers Klør” (Spirou #53, Dans les griffes de la vipère) was nominated for the Norwegian comics award, Sproingprisen 2013. It lost to “Opptegnelser fra Jerusalem” (Chroniques de Jérusalem, Guy Delisle).


    Article updated with winner info.

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