May 282014
'Lupo Modern' Sammelband 5 cover (ill. Vlado Magdic? after Franquin; (c) Pabel/Kauka/Gevacur, Dupuis and the artist; image from

‘Lupo modern’ Sammelband #5 (1965)

Most Kauka covers adopted a house style, but the artist responsible for this one (whom one source tentatively identifies as Vlado Magdic) seems to have tried to imitate Franquin, recreating a scene straight out of Spirou et les héritiers (Spirou #4, “Spirou and the Heirs”). The book is a digest collecting three issues of the anthology magazine Lupo modern, where that same adventure ran in installments under the title “Pit und Pikkolo: Onkel Gustavs Testament”.

(I’ve looked around for a better scan, but couldn’t find anything.)

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