May 252014
'Empire Maya' (ill. Yoann; (c) Dupuis and the artist; image from

Spirou, Fantasio and Spip getting ready for a different adventure. Yoann (2010)

The projected title and release date of the next Spirou adventure just became public by way of the online retailer BDnet: Le Labyrinthe d’Ibn-Sina (Spirou #54, “Ibn-Sina’s Labyrinth”) should be for sale on 14. November, 2014 – or at least the special edition should. Of course, both the date and the title might change before release.

We had already heard (e.g. here and here) that the story is going to take place in a Middle Eastern country on the brink of civil war, and that it will be an Indiana Jones-style adventure “with hidden temples and deadly labyrinths!” So the title doesn’t really tell us anything new. Still, nice to be able to refer to it by name! (Edit: Quick update to point out that Ibn Sina is the name of the ancient Persian philosopher and all-round genius better known in the West as Avicenna. A sort of Islamic Leonardo da Vinci, he could certainly be who the title is meant to invoke, Da Vinci Code-style.)

The release date implies that the adventure should start serialization in the Journal in the near future, so expect to start hearing more about it soon.

(Information via InediSpirou. You can pre-order the special edition of the album from BDnet now.)

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    The drawing shows Spirou and Fantasio in front of a map of the Northern parts of Central America. Is the drawing related to another story? It would have been cool, as I have been to the region! I like the idea of inspiration from Indiana Jones. Interestingly, Indiana Jones have been compared to Tintin, which was how Steven Spielberg first came to hear about Tintin.


      The drawing is from a series of illustrations on a Maya/Yucatán theme that Yoann made in 2010. I’m not sure in what context, though it’s described here as a dossier spécial Ouest France (“West France special dossier”?). Perhaps for some convention or local event. In any case, I’m pretty sure the pictures are all there is: they’re not part of any Spirou story that’s ever been told.

      I just picked it because the Indiana Jones influence seemed appropriate.


    The article has been updated to point out the “Ibn-Sina” – Avicenna connection.

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