May 202014
Spirou #54 sketch (ill. Yoann, Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis and the artists; image from

Sketch by Yoann for Spirou #54.

A few pieces of information on upcoming publications…

While there is no real news about Spirou #54, the still untitled next album in the main series, InediSpirou (in the person of maxibon) recently posted another of Yoann’s sketches, apparently sourced from Facebook (presumably Yoann’s private page).

There is confirmation from several quarters that the recent Yoann & Schwartz one-shot La femme-léopard will receive a sequel. First of all, the back of the album shows it as part 1/2, and the end includes an announcement that the story will continue in Le maître des hosties noires (“The Master of the Black Hosts”; in the sense of communion bread). Secondly, according to a post on, Olivier Schwartz said at a signing event that the followup will be an homage to Yves Chaland’s Spirou adventure Cœurs d’acier (“Hearts of Steel”), which Yann helped write the second part of. We can therefore speculate that the title is a reference to ritual cannibalism, an element of that story.

Finally, Le Petit Écho de Champignac claims (citing an InediSpirou post I cannot find) that the collected edition of Jijé’s Spirou comics, which was thought to be scheduled for 2015, will in fact be published towards the end of this anniversary year. Good news, if so!

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