May 132014

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A couple of weeks ago, plans were announced for a Spirou theme park to be built outside of Brussels. This comes in addition to earlier news of a park in the south of France. This new park, with the working name “Spirouland”, is part of a big redevelopment project for the Heysel plateau, most famous as the site of the Atomium monument, built for the 1958 World Fair held there.

The redevelopment, under the overall project name “Neo 1” (or “Européa”), includes residential areas, shopping streets, a large mall, cinemas, hotels, office space, parks and sports facilities, and is scheduled for completion in 2021. As currently envisioned, Spirouland will be an indoor amusement park (integrated within the mall?) targeted towards families with children from 3 to 10. Its footprint is variously given as 10,000 and 15,000 m2. The attractions will be drawn from the Spirou universe, and will reportedly also feature the Marsupilami and Zorglub.

The developers estimate that the whole Neo 1 development should attract 15 million visitors a year, tripling the current number of tourists, who mostly come for the Atomium and Mini-Europe attractions. How many of those will drop by Spirouland is of course an open question. The company in charge of creating Spirouland is Compagnie des Alpes, which already runs four other parks in Belgium.


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