May 122014

'Porträtt av hjälten som oskuldsfull ung man', Swedish edition of 'Journal d'un ingénu (ill. Bravo; (c) Cobolt, Dupuis and the artist; image from

Cobolt, which publishes the Spirou albums in Denmark, recently announced that they are expanding to Sweden and would publish the collected edition of Valerian & Laureline (“Linda och Valentin” in Swedish) there. Yesterday a cover for a Swedish edition of Journal d’un ingénu, “Spirou: Porträtt av hjälten som oskuldsfull ung man” (“Portrait of the Hero as an Innocent Young Man”) appeared with a Cobolt logo, so apparently that will also be among their offerings.

This does raise the question of who has what publication rights to the series in Sweden. Egmont published the most recent album in the main series, “I Vipers Klor” (Spirou #53, Dans les griffes de la vipère) last summer, but has not put out any of the one-shots. For now we can only speculate. The image (with a Facebook URL), was posted to a Swedish comics forum without explanation, and Spirou Reporter can find no statement directly from Cobolt, so we’ll have to wait for more information as well as further details about things such as publication date and distribution. For updates, you can follow Cobolt Förlag on Facebook.

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