Nov 022013

Spirou and Fantasio (ill. Chaland; (c) Dupuis and the artist; image via Artcurial)

The Paris auction house Artcurial have announced the lots for sale in their next big comics auction, on 16 November. They include first editions and a number of pieces of Spirou art, as well as other works by artists such as Jijé and Franquin (and many non-Spirou greats as well).

Price estimates range from 200–300 EUR for a simple sketch by Yves Chaland, to 50 000–70 000 EUR (!) for the original copy of a page from Spirou et les petits formats (“Spirou and the Miniatures”) by Franquin and Roba. Well, if we can’t afford to buy them, we can at least look:

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    I think out of all these I’d most want the Chaland piece (from the preview image). But 4000-6000 EUR is a bit out of my price range…

    By the way, I noticed that lot 478 also includes a Spirou piece (a copy by Jidéhem of a Franquin drawing from Bravo les Brothers, with a drawing by Janry pasted on top). At 3500-4500 EUR it’s quite expensive as well, I’m afraid.

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