Oct 112013

With the second Tome & Janry intégrale having recently been published, it felt like a good occasion for this piece of fanart by Ian Dairin:


‘Une petite récréation’ (“A Small Recreation”; 2008), from Ian Dairin’s blog

The snouffelaire appears in L’horloger de la comète (Spirou #36, “The Comet’s Watchmaker”) and Le réveil du Z (Spirou #37, “The Awakening of the Z”). It’s often been suggested that it was Tome & Janry’s attempt to create a substitute for the Marsupilami that they couldn’t use.

Oct 082013

Spirou figure (artist unknown)

The Spirou passed from hand to hand exhibition at the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels closed on Sunday. So for those of you who didn’t have a chance to visit, here’s the final part of our photo report, covering the history of the series from Tome & Janry to the present, and offering glimpses of possible future one-shots.

Oct 062013

Promo for 'Shukumeï', from JDS #2218 (ill. Conrad, Yann; (c) Dupuis; scan via InediSpirou)

Today, Didier Conrad draws Asterix and Yann Le Pennetier has written everything from Lucky Luke and Marsupilami to Sambre and Dent d’ours (“Beartooth”). Yann has three Spirou albums to his name, with a fourth coming out next year; Conrad is expected to start drawing his first at around the same time. You might say they’re as respectable as can be (though Yann in particular still knows how to create controversy). Back in 1980, however, the young duo were outsiders full of rebellion against the establishment and ready to push the boundaries of good taste. Continue reading »

Oct 052013
Banque Dessinée Spirou auction (ill. pseudo-Rob-Vel; (c) Banque Dessinée)

Identified as a fake Rob-Vel

Banque Dessinée is holding a special 75th anniversary Spirou comics art auction tomorrow. The lots include everything from Franquin’s original sketches for the zorglumobile and the Turbotraction II, to signed prints, to collectible plastic figurines. However, what was supposed to be a centerpiece of the auction, a series of Spirou drawings by Rob-Vel and Davine, have been denounced as fake by Christelle and Bertrand Pissavy-Yvernault (CBPY), the authors of La véritable histoire de Spirou and experts on the early history of the series. Continue reading »

Oct 042013

With releases by Chaland and Tome & Janry, and the announcement of a classic Yann & Conrad series, this is a good week for fans of the 80s! Or if that isn’t retro enough, how about Jijé and the Danish Journal d’un ingénu? Plus more! Continue reading »

Oct 032013

'Spirou passed from hand to hand' installation with stack of albums

Here’s the second part of the photo report from the Spirou exhibition at the Belgian Comic Strip Center (CBBD), Spirou passed from hand to hand. The first part covered Rob-Vel, Davine and Jijé. Today we have Franquin, Fournier, Nic & Cauvin and finally Chaland. Continue reading »

Oct 022013

Spirou Exhibition at CBBD, Brussels

The Belgian Comic Strip Center (CBBD) in Brussels is currently hosting a temporary Spirou exhibition: Spirou passed from hand to hand. A few weeks ago I was able to attend it, and since it is now almost over (it closes on 6. October), here’s a photo report of that visit, so that it might encourage you to take this last chance to see it. Continue reading »

Oct 012013

Journal de Spirou #3938 cover (ill. Yoann, Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis)

The Spirou Tour comes to Nantes for its penultimate stop (with Fantasio starting to look a bit travel-weary, and who can blame him?). That city also happens to be home base for the current Spirou team, so for the occasion, this week’s issue of the Journal features an original three-page story by (and with!) Yoann & Vehlmann. Continue reading »