Oct 272013

'La loi du plus fort' (ill. Bravo; (c) Dupuis and the artist; SR scanlation)

Finally, here it is, the scanlation that’s been giving me so much trouble. With the recent release of the Danish edition of Le journal d’un ingénu (“The Diary of a Naive Young Man”), I figured readers should have a chance to experience Bravo’s prequel story.

Why did this take so long? Hard to say. It was just a tough job, starting with the title: La loi du plus fort (lit. “the law/right of the strongest”) is an expression that combines “survival of the fittest” with “might makes right”. The closest translation might be “The Law of the Jungle”, but that doesn’t capture Bravo’s literal use of the phrase. I considered “The Devil Take the Hindmost”, but ultimately I think “Woe to the Weak” works better.

The story was first published in Journal de Spirou #3653, for the comic and magazine’s 70th anniversary in 2008. These scans are taken from the German version of Journal d’un ingénu, (or “Porträt eines Helden als junger Tor“), where it was included under the title “Das Gesetz des Stärkeren” (same as in French).

I should also acknowledge that this version is drawing on two previous scanlations, one by huliia and a partial one by houbanaut. I don’t think a new version is redundant (among other points, these scans are higher quality), but you might want to check out the others to see if you like them better.

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    Great stuff! Now I just have find out where I can order the Danish edition of Le journal d’un ingénu . Normally Tronsmo here in Norway has it, but I have not found it searching their engine.


    If you ask the clerk about it, I’m sure he’d be willing to order it for you.

    Otherwise Danish sites should be willing to ship to Norway.


    I was told on another page that the internet bookshop Adlibris has it.


    Seems page 4 and 5 have been mixed up…

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