Oct 242013
'Moustic Hotel' sketch for mural (ill. Bravo; (c) Dupuis and the artist)

Sketch by Émile Bravo for a proposed but never adopted Brussels comics mural.

Last week, ActuaBD published a short but fascinating interview with Émile Bravo by Christian Missia Dio, where the artist talks about the continuation of Journal d’un ingénu and how he sees Spirou. There is also some discussion of the cartoon adaptation of My Mommy Is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill, a half-comic, half-picture book by Bravo and Jean Regnaud. The film opened in cinemas across France yesterday. If you can read French (or can use Google Translate), you should definitely click over to ActuaBD. If you can’t, here are some of the highlights of the interview. Continue reading »

Oct 212013

Scanlation delay (ill. Franquin; text by SR)

Strange thing about it: sometimes a task takes much longer than expected. The scanlation that was meant to be up here by now doesn’t seem like it would be more difficult than any other, but somehow every step is just taking much more time than usual. Originally scheduled for last weekend, it’s still not quite ready, and I don’t have a backup lined up. I’m hopeful that it will be done in the next day or two, but meanwhile I must ask for your patience.

Oct 182013

The Animation Workshop, an animation school in Denmark, posted this on Facebook last week. Students in their Graphic Storytelling program were given the exercise to adapt part of Cormac McCarthy’s super-depressing post-apocalyptic novel The Road… in the style of Franquin! The task might have been easier if they could base it on the later style that he used in the morbid Idées noires gags (“Franquin’s Last Laugh“), but no, apparently it had to be 1950s Franquin as seen in Spirou. This was one of the resulting entries:

From 'The Road' (ill. Albert Bruun)

Panel from ‘The Road’, by Cormac McCarthy and Albert Bruun.

Spirou (playing the part of The Boy) is looking unaccountably chipper there! If any of the students who took part in the exercise want to share some more samples, that would be very much appreciated.

Oct 152013

The Danish release of Émile Bravo’s Spirou one-shot follows hot on the heels of news of its sequel(s!), along with rumors of two other future Spirou albums, and more. Continue reading »