Sep 292013

Once again there hasn’t been time to do an original scanlation this week, so once again you get one reposted from elsewhere. This is the second Spirou page ever (the first was posted here):

Spirou doesn't like water (ill. Rob-Vel; (c) Dupuis; houbanaut scanlation)

Scanlation by houbanaut on Scans Daily.

Having pulled off that getaway, can’t you just see him doing this walk?

Incidentally, while the page is officially credited to Rob-Vel, it is now believed that like most early Spirou gags, it was most likely drawn by his friend and helper, Luc Lafnet.

Sep 262013

Raoul Cauvin (photo via

Today, 26. September, Raoul Cauvin turns 75. Perhaps most famous as the writer of Les tuniques bleues (The Bluecoats), a comic set during the American Civil War that mixes meticulously researched history and comedy (and is available in English from Cinebook), he also wrote three Spirou albums in the early 80s, illustrated by Nic Broca.

Journal de Spirou #3937 cover (ill. JDS, Delaf, Dodier))Lambiek calls Cauvin “the leading scenarist in humorous comics for a large audience,” and even though he’s well past the age many others retire, he remains one of the most active writers in French-Belgian comics, scripting a whole host of series that can be found in the Journal de Spirou almost every week (Les Psy, Les femmes en blanc, Cédric, Pierre Tombal, Agent 212, etc.) In recognition of his long career and his contribution, the magazine has devoted this week’s issue to him, even changing its masthead for the occasion (see left).

This being Spirou Reporter, it must be said that Nic & Cauvin’s run on the series is not generally well regarded, neither for the scripts nor the art, and the team was quickly replaced by Tome & Janry. Cauvin has said he only took the job out of loyalty to Charles Dupuis, and because he was asked to help out during a difficult transition. So in recognition of Cauvin, here’s one of Journal de Spirou’s many cartoon greetings from other comic book artists, in this case by Alain Dodier (Jerôme K. Jerôme Bloche):

Greeting for Cauvin's 75th birthday, from JDS #3739 (ill. Dodier)

Sep 252013

This great little animation, posted by Journal de Spirou on Facebook, deserves its own post here:

Spirou Evolution from Koen De Koninck on Vimeo.

It was reportedly produced for the occasion of the Brussels Comics Festival (Fête de la BD) earlier this month.

Sep 222013

Spirou at the Radio Circus Marcel Fort (ill. Franquin; (c) Dupuis; SR scanlation)

You can consider this scanlation a tie-in with Cinebook’s recent release of The Marsupilami Thieves. In 1955, The Journal de Spirou made an 8-page promotional leaflet for Radio Circus Marcel Fort, distributed as a free supplement of the magazine within France only. The leaflet included an excerpt from The Marsupilami Thieves, as well as an original three-page story by Franquin where Spirou and Fantasio meet the stars of the Radio Circus. Combining and restoring scans from multiple sources, the full leaflet is presented here. Continue reading »

Sep 192013
Artist's conception of Spirou theme park (photomontage by SR; main photo by Nosferatuske)

You might be surprised to learn that this is not a real photo, just a mockup for the sake of illustration. Or should that be ‘illustration for the sake of mocking’? (Based on 1, 2, 3)

News is flying around the web that Dupuis has signed a deal with the company Europa Park to build a Spirou theme park in Provence (France), planned to open in spring 2015. More precisely, the park is envisioned as a complex built around a number of the publisher’s characters, including Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe, the Marsupilami, and Michel Vaillant (a popular comic about a race car driver). Continue reading »

Sep 182013

Since publishing schedules are always in flux, and pretty much every week brings new releases or news of some change, a semi-regular update column might be helpful to keep track of it all. (And make it easier to ignore for visitors who don’t care.) Continue reading »

Sep 152013

Before resigning ourselves to the end of summer, here are a couple of summer holiday-themed gags by Yoann & Vehlmann promoting La face cachée du Z (Spirou #52, “The Dark Side of the Z”).

Journal de Spirou #3820 cover (ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis; SR scanlation)

Wraparound cover illustration for Journal de Spirou #3820, a June 2011 double issue.

Moon volleyball (ill. Yoann & Vehlmann; (c) Dupuis; SR scanlation)

From Journal de Spirou #3828.

This strip was made for the Journal de Spirou 2011 summer competition, where each series asked readers the question “Where do our heroes go on holiday”? (You can see Yoann & Vehlmann’s entry for the 2013 competition here.)